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Happy Customers
“I have worked with Futureworks within two divisions of Evry, a company with more than 9000 employees.
Both times we have created results beyond what we thought possible.”
Rune Kilstad
Evry ASA
"I’m prettier certain that we will measure our time before Futureworks and after Futureworks. We will look back and say -I can’t believe that we ever functioned without Futureworks. It’s that transformative and that powerful."
John Vellinga
"We introduced Effective Meetings in both our sales and management group .The results have been great. Sales has improved both skills, accountability and hitrate through the principles and follow up system. The Management group became much more accountable for their tasks. Less discussions and more decisions made us also way more productive."
Jan Eivind Aamodt
CEO Optimal Norge
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